Shiny Buzzard and Friends Tall tales and More...

Shiny Buzzard and Friends tales and more...

Shiny Buzzard now has several friends joining this fun storytelling program. 'Fred', his horse and 'Willy' the short neck Buzzard and down the road there will be 'Grandpa Buzzard'. 

Shiny Buzzard and his puppet friends will entertain young and old. This is a fun program for kids and adults. Fred is grouchy and doesn't like Willy because Willy is whiny and Willy thinks no one likes him because he's a Buzzard. The two argue while Shiny tries to get them to treat each other civilly. Then there are the wIld and outrageous stories that Fred and Willy help tell. 

When Grandpa Buzzard joins the program later in 2018 he will be a character who has done everything or at least so he claims. Old and crotchety he will keep everyone laughing with his claims ( stories) and antics. 

This is simply a fun and entertaining program with a mixture of storytelling thrown in for good measure. The stories are Tall tales written by Gary Whitaker to suit his character 'Shiny Buzzard'.
Program length can be adjusted from 20 to 45 minutes depending on audience age. 

Shiny Buzzard and Friends , Tall Tales Program from Gary Whitaker on Vimeo.

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Let the stories live, bring on the storyteller!