Scouting Programs

Cub Scouts , Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. The Storyman will come to your scouting adventure whether it be a meeting an event  or a camp out..

Scouting has a special place in the Storyman’s heart and he offers his services for a minimal fee to any scouting district if it is in the local Fort Worth or Mid-Cities areas. If your event is outside the Fort Worth area it will only cost gas, food, plus a minimal charge for his    time.
Mr. Whitaker has been involved in scouts all of his life, including serving as Asst. Scoutmaster for 4 years in troop 336 in what is now the Mustang District.

If you have a theme or focus that you would like to reinforce for a scouting event, camp out or camporee or maybe would just enjoy having a master storyteller tell some tales at the camp fire You can trust in the Storyman  to make it worth your while.

Let the Stories Live ! Bring in the Storyteller !

Check out the programs below!
Let the stories live, bring on the storyteller!