Workshops for Kids 

Workshop for kids

I have over 25 years of experience as a storyteller, 20 of those years professionally. I have performed all over Texas in the last 20 years at schools and libraries presenting a variety of programs. Watch my videos.

   My storytelling workshop for kids and youths is geared to ages 7-12 (older is OK) and could be presented in various ways either in a single day over several hourly sessions or over a period of days. The goal of the workshop is too finish with a concert delivered by some of the students (if not all), the concert to be attended by family and friends, to close out the workshop.

The focus of the workshop is to help the students tell personal stories. I believe for a child or youth that telling a story about a personal experience is the easiest way to help them find their storytelling voice. I serve as a guide and teacher in this workshop. I help them to see how easy it is to tell a story. I help them to get past their barriers and fears.

  This workshop has previously shown great success with kids ages 7-12
(Southlake Public Library contact Stacy Wells head librarian)

Things that we will do in my storytelling workshop:

Personal Advantages of a storytelling workshop for the students

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