Civil War Veteran

Civi War Tales

Mr. Whitaker's "Civil War Veteran" is a 1st person storytelling presentation based on the life of Sam Watkins (His Biography “Company AYTCH”)  who served with the 1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment the entire length of the Civil War. Sam was an educated man who served as a foot soldier. His story brings a very different perspective to this horrific war that divided this country for four brutal years.

This is a program that will put excitement back into history. Through the voice of Sam Watkins the age of the American Civil War comes dramatically to life in a vivid and personal way. History is never boring in the hands of this accomplished storyteller. 

After 45 minutes with the Storyman the students will walk away with a greater grasp of what the Civil War was really like.

Program suggested for 5th grade through high school


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