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Violet O'Valley / Beowulf Retold Review

Gary Whitaker makes Beowulf both dramatic and accessible, without compromising the original in any way.  The spontaneous delivery delights and surprises; it is as if we are sitting in the mead hall, with a story teller we know well in ordinary life now charged with keeping our sacred history alive and immediate. The monsters are horrible; the hero courageous, and the ancient story never seems outdated. All in all an engaging experience. 
Dr. Violet O’Valle, Professor Emeritus, English, Tarrant County College and runs the Pantagleize Theater in Fort Worth, Texas

David Thompson  /  Beowulf Retold Review

Astounding rendition of this age-old, yet amazingly relevant epic. Mr. Whitaker's presentation is more than attention getting - he takes no prisoners. The attention to the story and the flow of the scenes, descriptions/characters/happenings, et al, bring this epic to a height I have not encountered. The slight Texas accent does not detract in anyway from the telling - it enhances the story and helps make it more accessible to modern ears. Am most excited to share this with my literature professor friends. - David Thompson, teller of "The Shanameh: the Book of Kings
David served as Assistant to the Dean and Administrative Coordinator for over 10 years at St. Edward's University in Austin and is now a full time professional storyteller

Glenn Kimball  / Beowulf  Retold Review

Glen of Flower Mound Texas Says:
The DVD was awesome!   I think it really presents Beowulf well and keeps you riveted to the story.  I think it might be a bit scary for kids much younger than 10  years old, but perfect for middle school and above. 08/12/2012
Glen is a father of two girls and very involved parent at home and in work running his own computer consulting business


Ricky Pitman / Beowulf Retold Review

I still remember the first time I encountered the text of Beowulf.  I was a NT Greek major at Abilene Christian University and one of the readings in British Literature was of course, Beuowulf.  I was stunned and mesmerized. As I entered the kennings and litotes and other literary devices of my Viking ancestors, I knew I had found something that touched my soul and heart. Steve Weathers, a life-long friend, was my instructor, and as he taught the Anglo-Saxon account of the Viking tale, my soul took flight and in my imagination, I walked the mead-halls as a dragon hunter.
The next significant time I encountered Beowulf was with Gary Whitaker, a storyteller who generously encouraged and prompted me to pursue Scottish-Irish storytelling. I owe him a great deal. In addition to the storytelling encouragement, I found a man who loved Beowulf as much as I did—a man who understood the tale, who felt it in his bones, and as I listened to his account, I heard the voices of the ancient bards and scops retelling one of the stories that made me decide to become an English major.
I’m delighted to say that Whitaker has made a DVD that relates the tale of Beowulf, and one that does it well.  You  can find Whitaker as a storyteller at such prestigious events as the North Texas Irish Festival.   You can order his DVD of Beowulf on his website below. He has other CDs and DVDs that would interest anyone who is fascinated by Celtic or Norse mythology or legends, including Tales of Ancient Warriors, Summer of the Red Dragon, and Something Wicked. For anyone who loves ancient legend and literature, hearing Whitaker as a storyteller is a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience.
Whitaker’s website is here:  He is approachable, so listen to his samples and drop him an email. I highly recommend him. I’d love to hear your thoughts about what you find.
Posted on January 9, 2013

Ricky Pitman
Storyteller , singer, musician and  Author  with a half  dozen books in print
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